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Sid King & The Five Strings
Sid King and the Five Strings - 1982
Sid King and the Five Strings - 1982, Dallas, Texas.
Billy King, Kenny Massey, Sid King, Dave White, Mel Robinson - Photo by Christina Patoski

Sid King and the Five Strings, John Mayfield, Jim Colegrove, Jeff Gutcheon - 1982
Dave White, John Mayfield, Jim Colegrove, Jeff Gutcheon, Sid King, Mel Robinson, Billy King, Kenny Massey - 1982, Sumet-Burnet Studio, Dallas, Texas. - Photo by Christina Patoski

Texas Rockabilly Legends

SID KING, whose 1950s Columbia recordings with the Five Strings are considered classic rockabilly, went into the Sumet-Burnet studio in Dallas in 1982 to record. The recordings were produced by Jim Colegrove. During the sessions Sid’s original group, the Five Strings, reunited for a few days. The original vocal trio of Sid, Dave White and Mel Robinson are featured on the recordings with a remake of Drinkin’ Wine Spoli-Oli and a version of Jerry Allison’s Decoy Baker.

The sessions were engineered by John Mayfield. Instrumentalists featured on the record include Sid’s brother, Billy King, on guitar and members of the Juke Jumpers: Jim Colegrove, guitar; Craig Simecheck, piano and organ and Johnny Reno, sax. Also featured on the record are Jeff Gutcheon, piano and organ, Mark Jaco, bass and Mike Collier, drums. Background vocals were provided by Mel Robinson, Dave White, Jim Colegrove, Susan Colegrove and Jeff Gutcheon. The late Kenny Massey, former bass player in the Five Strings was at the studio but did not record.

The only issue the sessions have seen to date is the Rockhouse LP 8701, Let’s Get Loose, issued in Holland in 1987 which now, unfortunately, seems to be out of print. Sid may reissue the record himself CD.

Meanwhile he has finished recording a brand new CD. The title of the record is From One Cut To Another and was released July 2016. Sid and Billy are joined on the record by Jim Colegrove and Linda Waring. It’s bound to be a fan favorite.

It is with great regret that I must add to this article that we have lost Billy King. He passed away on July 13, 2019.

Let's Get Loose! Tracks include:
  • House of Blue Lights
  • One More Time
  • If You Really Want Me To I’ll Go
  • Share What You Got With Me
  • Back Door Man
  • Boogie Woogie Country Girl
  • Let’s Get Loose
  • Decoy Baker
  • Don’t Get Above Your Raisin’
  • It Hurts Me So (To See Love Go)
  • Rockabilly Music
  • Drinkin’ Wine Spoli-Oli

"A satisfying, quality album that reveals careful attention to detail..."
Go Cat Go! by Craig Morrison
©1996 University of Illinois Press

A video at Sumet Burnet Studio, Dallas 1982. Sid King, vocal and guitar; Billy King, guitar; Jim Colegrove, guitar; Craig Simecheck, piano; Mark Jaco, bass, Mike Collyer, drums. Track produced by Jim Colegrove. Engineered by John Mayfield.

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