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N.D. Smart II
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N.D. SMART II, aka N.D. or Norman Smart, is from Dayton, Ohio. He began his musical career in the mid-1960s as the drummer with a local band called the Rich Kids that later changed their name to The Mark V. The band was popular in the local night club scene. N.D. left the Mark V in 1966 and joined up with a group called The Knights. They were playing in a club called Little Mickey's on East Fifth Street in Dayton. The Knights included Jim Colegrove on guitar and vocals. After N.D. joined the band they changed their name to Thee Rubber Band. N.D. and Jim had common musical ideas and plotted together to leave the local scene. N.D. traveled to New York in the spring of 1966. He met up with Felix Pappalardi who told him a band called The Remains was looking for a drummer. The Remains had been scheduled to be the opening act for the 1966 Beatles tour. N.D. joined the band and made the tour. After the tour, N.D. returned to Ohio where he reunited with Jim Colegrove. They left Ohio together in early 1967.

The two traveled to Boston where they formed a band called The Bait Shop with Joe Hutchinson and Eddie Mottau. Joe and Eddie had previously performed as Two Guys From Boston. After a few months in Boston, the group moved to New York City. There, they reunited with Felix Pappalardi, an old friend of Joe and Eddie's. Felix decided to produce them and took them to Atlantic Records. The group changed its name to Bo Grumpus and started performing in clubs in Greenwich Village. After making only a few tracks in the studio with the band, N.D. decided to leave the project.

While performing at the Café Wha? with Bo Grumpus, N.D. met a group from Washington, D.C. called Kangaroo. The group included Ted Spelios on guitar and John Hall on bass. N.D. joined the band on drums and Barbara Keith joined as vocalist. The group recorded an LP for MGM in 1968.

N.D. also performed and recorded with another group that he met at the Café Wha? That was the Hello People, a group that performed in mime makeup and did mime between their songs. He appeared with them on The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour and on The Johnny Carson Tonight Show. Early in 1969, N.D. went into the studio with Felix Pappalardi and Leslie West to record. These sessions were issued on the first Windfall label issue by Leslie West, titled Mountain. In August, 1969, N.D. performed with Mountain at Woodstock. N.D. recorded with Barbara Keith on her solo LP.

In the fall of 1969 N.D. left Mountain. He joined Ian and Sylvia's country-rock band Great Speckled Bird. The band included, Ian and Sylvia, Amos Garrett on guitar and Buddy Cage on steel. In January, 1970, Jim Colegrove became the bass player in the band. Ian began a weekly TV show in the fall called Nashville North. Great Speckled Bird performed on the show, backing up Ian, Sylvia and other guest artists. Jeff Gutcheon joined the band on piano. After the first season, the series changed its name to The Ian Tyson Show.

N.D. toured with Great Speckled Bird and recorded with the band. In the early 1970s, N.D., Jim Colegrove and Jeff Gutcheon decided to make their own records. They got a contract with Bearsville and called their band Hungry Chuck. Amos Garrett was the guitarist in the group.

Jim Colegrove (left) and N.D. Smart II (right), March 2006 N.D. returned to performing with The Hello People. In turn, they began performing with Todd Rundgren. N.D. made records with Todd, James Cotton, Bobby Charles, Jesse Winchester, The Woodstock Mountain Review and others during the 1970s. He became the drummer in Gram Parsons band, The Fallen Angels. He continued to perform with Todd Rundgren into the 1980s.

During the 1990s N.D. worked on new material with Jim Colegrove, Jeff Gutcheon and Amos Garrett on new Hungry Chuck tracks. Get The Deadly Ebola Virus here. These days N. D. still keeps up his music and performs from time-to-time with a trio.

N.D. Smart Discography

The Remains - Epic BN-26241 - 1966
The Remains

Bo Grumpus - Atco SD 33-246- 1968
Before The War

Bo Grumpus - EP Atco EP-C-4562 - 1968
Bo Grumpus
(contains four cuts from the LP above)

David Santos - Phoenix 101 - 1968
Silver Currents

Kangaroo - MGM SE-4586 - 1968

Leslie West - Windfall 4500 - 1969

Barbara Keith - Verve Forecast FTS-3084 - 1969
Barbara Keith

Great Speckled Bird - Ampex A10103 - 1969
Great Speckled Bird

Todd Rundgren - Bearsville A 10116 - 1971
Runt. The Ballad of Todd Rundgren

Mountain - Windfall 5502 - 1972
Live: The Road Goes Ever On

Ian & Sylvia & Great Speckled Bird - Columbia KC31337 - 1972
You Were On My Mind

Hungry Chuck - Bearsville BR 2071 (US) - 1972
Hungry Chuck

Hungry Chuck - Bearsville single 0004 - 1972
Dixie Highway/South In New Orleans

Jackie Lomax - Warner Brothers 2591 - 1972

Mark Klingman - Capitol 11072 - 1972
Mark Moogy Klingman

Jesse Winchester - Bearsville 2102 - 1972
Third Down, 110 To Go

Bobby Charles - Bearsville 2104 - 1972
Bobby Charles

James Cotton Blues Band - Capitol ST814 - 1972
Taking Care Of Business

Pacheco and Alexander - Columbia 30509 - 1972
Pacheco and Alexander

Bobby Charles - Bearsville single 0010 - 1973
Small Town Talk/Save Me Jesus

Gram Parsons - Reprise MS2171 - 1973
Grievous Angel

The Hello People - Dunhill DSD-50184 - 1974
The Handsome Devils

The Hello People - Teac TCA 1 - 1974
Homemade With Teac

The Hello People - ABC Dunhill single D-15023 - 1974
Future Shock/Destiny

The Hello People - ABC D-882 - 1975

Hungry Chuck - Warner-Pioneer P-7606W - 1977 (Japan)
Hungry Chuck

The Remains - Spoofed SFD-3205 - 1978 (reissue)
The Remains

Woodstock Mountain Review - Rounder 3025 - 1978
Pretty Lucky

Todd Rundgren - Bearsville 2BRK-6986 - 1978
Back To The Bars

Gram Parsons and the Fallen Angels - Sierra GP1973 - 1982
Live 1973

Hungry Chuck - CBS SONY 20AP 1988 - 1983 (Japan)
Hungry Chuck

Woodstock Mountain Revue - Rounder 11520 - 1987
Music For Mud Acres

Todd Rundgren - Warner Brothers 25881 (US) / Warner Brothers 22P 2719 (Japan) - 1989
Nearly Human

Mountain - Columbia/Legacy Double CD 57167 - 1995
Over The Top

Hungry Chuck - Pony Canyon PCCY-00727 - 1995 (Japan)
Hungry Chuck

Various Bearsville Artists - Pony Canyon PCCY-00727 (Japan) - 1996
Bearsville Box Set

South In New Orleans/Funky Lunchbox
Box Office Disaster

Hungry Chuck - Bandcamp stream - 2014
Middle-aged White Men

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