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For all bookings call:

ph. 860.460.8054


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Visit With The Brooklyn Cowboys

embryonic bio material
(Great Speckled Bird w/Ian & Sylvia)

A Must See Site For Steel Players/NRPS Freaks/Buddy Fans [new CD! "DODGIN’ BULLETS"
Released Sept. 10/02 on Leaps Records]
For all B. Cows bookings call Buddy [Jack Scarangella]
(info on The Festival Express - 1970) Tribeca Blues Meg Griffin/PD

In March 2012, Buddy was diagnosed with blood cancer. Right now he is in treatment and feeling better. In fact, he is well enough to go on the road to perform. We wish him well and hope everyone sends their very best to him.

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Embrace the Chaos

For Sanctity

Is to be Found in Formlessness,

As all Those Who have Traveled

With The Other One

Know to be True.

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Buddy Cage Endorsements

JB ARNOLD ­ Webmaster/Spiritual Advisor

BEATNIK Steel, Inc.
Guitar by Hilt
POB 380 - RR1 - Steele Rd.
New Hartford, CT 06057

Amplification by Leo Fender,

Dan Healy/ Bear/Grateful Dead

Fender Twins w/Hard Trucker’s Speaker Cabinets

Effects Board by Tom Peck
Road Case by Jim Greer 281.655.5357

Boss Tones Maintained by John LeMay

Case by Jim Greer

Strings by Emmons Guitar Co., Inc.
Burlington, NC

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