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WING Hits of the Week
November 19, 1960

1960 WING Hits of the Week
WING, Dayton, Ohio, Hits of the Week with Bob Holliday's photo. Bob did the 3 - 6 shift each weekday. His show was called "The Hits of the Day" and charted the records sold at local record shops from surveys taken every day. The chart shows Teddy & The Rough Riders first record at #30 right after it was released.
1960 WING Hits of the Day back
On the back side is an advertisment for "The Biggest Hop In Dayton," a name that Bob Holliday owned. It started out at Rieger's Supper Club in the Page Manor Shopping Center (now Colonel Glenn Highway) then moved to the Avondale Club on Brandt's Pike.
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