Get In The Groove

Old Thomas Jefferson
by Jeffrey Gutcheon / Shady Mt. Music / ASCAP

Old Thomas Jefferson spent the weekend layin' down the law
Over in Greece, Androcles took the thorn out from the lion's paw
Samson had a better thing to do with an asses jaw
Than the whole damn United Nations
Provin' that your touch is more important than your smell
Animals can tell if you're a friend
And if you ain't a whole new coat of paint
And a bucket of French perfume will make no difference in the end
Oh no it won't, oh no it won't
Oh no it won't

Old General Washington freed his slaves but not before he died
Saint Peter got so mad he wished that as a young boy, George had lied
At the gate to heaven he said, "You can't come inside
'Cause the good Lord don't abide
Any rival administration."
Provin' that a temple full of Philistines ain't worth
A hill of beans compared to one good man
And if he's old and bald and can't see a thing
He will pull the temple down
Because he knows he can, oh yes he does
Oh yes he does, oh yes he does
Oh yes he does, oh yes he does
Oh yes he does

From Hungry Chuck - Bearsville LP 2071

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