Get In The Groove

People Do
by Jeffrey Gutcheon / Shady Mt. Music / ASCAP

People do what they got to do I heard the wise man say
Fools may speak of things last week
It's what you've done today that counts, my friend, it's what you've done today
And all the wise men think they keep the foolish man at bay
Both the wise and foolish man alike will pay

"People say what they mean to say," Norman said to me
The latest word's what you just heard
You get no further guarantee, my friend you get no guarantee
Always searchin' for the truth, you wait so patiently
Well the truth is that the truth won't set you free

People do what they got to do, be what they got to be
Don't look at me that way, my friend
You know you'd do the same to me, my friend, you'd do the same to me
Don't be surprised, my friend, Oh let me tell you true
You can count on me to do the same for you

From Hungry Chuck - Bearsville LP 2071

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