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Juke Jumpers - Villa Acuña, 1963

Villa Acuņa, 1963

The Juke Jumpers
Villa Acuña, 1963
Cool Groove Records
CD 111
Available Now

New Recordings
with 1 previously unissued side from 1980

  1. Pink Heart Days (S. Bruton)
  2. Luck In A Hurry (J. Colegrove)
  3. Standing At The Crossroads Again (M. Jupp))
  4. Dr. Feel-Good (C. Smith)
  5. I Wonder What She Look Like Now (J. Colegrove)
  6. Nowhere City Night (J. Colegrove)
  7. In Walked You (M. Bartula)
  8. Go Ahead On (T. Cassel)
  9. Screen Door Jesus (J. Reno)
10. Red Light (R. Callandar, L. Rheisr)
11. Villa Acuña, 1963 (Colegrove, Bruton, Reno, Simecheck, Milan, Bartula))
12. Rock 'n' Roll Ruby* (J. Cash)

*(Previously unissued)

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Juke Jumpers - On Stage

Juke Jumpers - On Stage

The Juke Jumpers
On Stage
Cool Groove Records
CD 107
Available Now

Reissue of the Texas band’s LP,
Juke Jumpers - Live! from 1988
Contains 4 previously unissued tracks!

  1. Farther Up The Road* (Vessey/Robey)
  2. Georgia Slop (McCracklin)
  3. Hot Dog ( Owens/Dedmond))
  4. Lips ’n’ Fingers Bar-B-Q (Colegrove)
  5. Lone Star Saturday Night* (Colegrove)
  6. Never Make Your Move Too Soon (Hooper/Jennings)
  7. Merry Christmas Baby (Moore/Baxter)
  8. Okie Dokie Stomp (Davis)
  9. Rocket In My Pocket (McAlpin/Logsdon)
10. T-Bone Shuffle* (Walker)
11. Somebody’s Been Rockin’ My Boat (Witcher/Walton)
12. Long Distance Call* (Morganfield)
13. Bluebird Boogie (Colegrove/Foster/Simecheck)

*(Previously unissued)

Juke Jumpers - On Stage Now Available Online at:

Juke Jumpers - Amazing Records!

Amazing Records!

The Juke Jumpers
Amazing Records!
Cool Groove Records
CD 103
Now Available

Reissue of the Texas band’s first two Amazing Records LPs from 1980 and 1981 First time on CD!

  1. Cadillac Boogie (Jimmy Liggins)
  2. My Little Jewel (Tommy Beam)
  3. What Goes On Behind Your Back ( Colegrove)
  4. Wiggle Your Hips (Colegrove)
  5. Cuttin’ Cane (Jay Chevalier)
  6. Horn Street Bounce (Sumter Bruton)
  7. You’re Humbuggin’ Me (Morgen-Miller)
    / I’m A Little Mixed Up (James-Johnson)
  8. Sunglasses After Dark (Dwight Pullen)
  9. You Don’t Love Me (Aaron Walker)
10. Me and the Devil (Robert Johnson)
11. The Jump (Colegrove)
12. C’mon Let’s Boogie (Goree Carter)
13. Necks and Feet (Barger-Colegrove)
14. Tag Along (Morgen-Miller)
15. What Kind Of Fool (Do You Think I Am?) (Ray Whitley)
16. I Tried (Robey-Scott)
17. Booger Red (Johnny Hicks)
18. The Knockout (Colegrove)
19. You Did Me Wrong (Don Robey)
20. Let’s Get Loose (Colegrove)
21. Mama Didn’t Raise No Fool(Colegrove-Barger-Milan)
22. T-Bone Shuffle (Aaron Walker)
23. Bluebird Boogie (Foster-Colegrove-Simecheck)

*(Previously unissued)

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