Get In The Groove

Dixie Highway
by Jeffrey Gutcheon / Shady Mt. Music / ASCAP

There's a road of no direction, it's a mystery to tell
One end runs in circles around a wishing well
The other end, I understand, will lead you straight to hell
And it's by the natives called the Dixie Highway

There I met a girl who did not know where she was from
Her mother died in childbirth and her father died of rum
Of money she had little, of good times some
But they come few and far between along the Dixie Highway

First she took me to the sea
Then she took me out to see her waterfall
A belle who'd lost the ball
She hadn't heard the call
And she was cryin'
She asked me to protect her from the ragin' storm
And though I tried the whole night through
I could not keep her warm
But I kept tryin'

Come all you gentle people
Come gather round and pray
For all of those who see the sun
But not the light of day
Who can't afford to leave
But do not have the will to stay
Lost forever on the Dixie Highway

From Hungry Chuck - Bearsville LP 2071

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