Get In The Groove

by Jeffrey Gutcheon / B. Gutcheon / Shady Mt. Music / ASCAP

Christo's in the library, Christo's on the phone
He carries home the bacon like another piece of stone
He might have played the circuit
But he hasn't got his own
And he's cruisin', only cruisin'

Bobby's got a jug of wine to keep him warm inside
He follows down the wind and comes and goes just like the tide
Don't ask him to be humble when he's livin' off his pride
And he's cruisin', only cruisin'

5 a.m. the wagon rolls out picking up the ones who froze
Some they put away and some they burn
Some get through the night and they just lie there
Prayin' for a chance to take their turn

There's a time under heaven
If not a purpose as they say
A time for everything
And this has got to be the time for cruisin', only cruisin'

From Hungry Chuck - Bearsville LP 2071

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